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The Mariah Carey M.A.C. Collection: 8 Surprising Things You Didn't Know

Cheap MAC Makeup We hear the splendor of beautiful cooperation, what we do not care about (TBH), and other good cooperation that hinders us into orbit. Holiday Maria Carey M.A.C. Collection belongs to the latter category. For beginners, we are a huge Maria fan, she has been on the cover of Allure up to four times, recently in 2009. And then look back, it is difficult to name it as a more beautiful or self-owned charm of the vision (Mimi is not afraid of a little makeup).

Last year, this partnership with a smile of champagne lipstick, I want lipstick. This year, the MAC Maria officially presented five lipsticks (including the original All I Want) and five lip glosses, two lip poles, two eye shadow quadrilateral, a liquid lining, two blush hues, a flashing loose powder, two A makeup brush, two types of artificial eyelashes, and a skin finishing compact. Kerry said in a statement: "From a product to 23 products is very exciting.We catch the star, every detail has got the inside of the spoon.

This is not the traditional holiday color. "When I think of the holidays, I do not like it," let's make red and green eye shadow. "This series is even more beautiful, the palette is a series of pink, a lot of gold and coral as well as deeper tones, I put a lot of things I like because I know these colors are really good, I am a dropout of a beauty school, but I have learned something, I chose the shadows and products I wore, not just for the stage, you will be able to wear your normal life.

There are butterflies on lipstick. "We are very meticulous, butterfly is my stuff, so lipstick [impression] is butterfly.

Small is a joke inside. "I have this cartoon character, her hair on one eye, everything starts with the song" Heartbreaker "video, the cartoon is in compact, we see her hair, it does not look like a mighty cartoon, It is pretty. "

If she can include MAC Cosmetics Wholesale, she will have. "If I had five minutes before leaving the house to apply for three kinds of beauty products, I would go a little basics, lip gloss, sunglasses, and I added sunglasses as a beauty product.

You will not find red lipstick for some reason. "I can not wear bright red lipstick, I like my natural lip gloss, I know it sounds a bit conceited, I try to use lip balm when i can, maybe a little hint to enhance it but i like my own color I'm sorry, my daughter, Monroe [Cannon], sitting on a makeup chair, wearing eye shadow and lipstick, though not like wearing lipstick, but she was very obsessed with the lips, very interesting.

The product is named after her best song. I got that OOC is a brown frosted lipstick, fantasy is a flashing taupe pink, sweet fantasy is a deep coral pink blush, and touch my body is a sparkling golden powder. Oh, every product packaging is completely covered with flash, just like her 2001 movie of the same name. (Who can forget?)

Her secret is naturally glowing, not in this collection, "you wanna know what it is, it's inner glory, only i have it, it must come from inside, you must be really happy, sometimes i look at the photo I'm like, "yes, they grabbed for a while, and they certainly caught a real inner moment. "I will not say that I have never been through the highlighter, but you know ...."

She wants your Christmas, there are other things. "Creamy chocolate with hot cocoa is my favorite holiday indulgence, and toys are the first thing on my Christmas shopping list."

Maria Carey was launched on December 15th online and selected retailers. Price range from buffered brush eyelashes $ 59.50 onwards.